If you’ve ever had an insurance claim, maybe a homeowners claim for wind damage to your roof or perhaps an auto claim you may have been unhappy with the length of time it takes to resolve.

This isn’t always the case as insurance companies have made great strides in technology and service goals to handle claims as quickly as possible.  And for the most part the vast majority are handled pretty darn quick, usually in just a few days.

But sometimes, especially if we are dealing with a complex claim the timeline can really seam to drag on.  If this happens there is often a simple explanation that can easily be overlooked… we’re very busy people.  Insurance adjusters are never “caught up” and never have “nothing to do.”  The average inside auto adjuster that you’ll deal with only on the phone likely has 50, 75, 100 or even more claims assigned to them at any given time.  And new claims roll in each day.  The goal is always to close more each day than new ones roll in.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.

Every big company has their own internal guidelines about how quickly they want contact to me made following a new loss report.  Maybe it’s 8 hours, or 12 hours or 24 hours.  Whatever it is every company monitors how quickly their adjusters are to respond to new claims.  So if I have 50 existing claims and a new one rolls in, that new claim will almost always be worked on not long after hitting my queue.  It’s not like we’re ignoring the existing claims we had, but instead it’s crucial for us to review new claims to assess their severity quickly.  If I get a claim for a huge fire, obviously that needs to be worked on NOW and not in three days.  Not every claim warrants such a fast response but keep in mind… when your claim came in to my queue IT was the priority at that time and whatever existing claims I had then waited until you were called.

Besides adjusters being simply very busy people, other factors that can really bog down the handling of a claim is the delay in waiting for experts such as engineers or independent medical reviewers in an injury claim or perhaps we’re waiting on you, the policy holder to provide us with something such as the receipt for the $15,000 stolen Rolex that you claimed you bought with cash just two weeks ago.

And when it comes to injury claims involving attorneys, all bets are off.  Seriously getting an Act of Congress can be done quicker than some attorney involved injury claims.  And it doesn’t have to be this way.  I’ve seen countless examples where the attorney has pretty much everything they need but are just so busy themselves that it takes them weeks or months to put it all together into their demand packet sent to the carrier with their amazingly inflated settlement offer that probably will make me laugh at first.  Have an injury and want your claim handled quickly?  Don’t hire an attorney.

As always, should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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